Using the Muse headset, I built a focus monitor paired with the Pomodoro technique 🍅 to SUPERPOWER my productivity! 💪 It tracks alpha EEG brainwaves and uses thresholding to determine if you're focused or not.

The Project

The Pomodoro is great for deep focus in short time intervals! 25 minutes of focusing with 5 minute breaks in between. For each focusing period, you work on a single task. After 4 focusing periods, there’s a long break. Rinse and repeat!


The Muse headset and other BCIs work by detecting EEG brainwaves in the form of electric signals (read more about EEGs here). Depending on our state of consciousness, our brain emits a different frequency of waves.
(excerpt from the article)

Dr. Lai's Ultimate BCI Solution for Focus and Productivity 🧠