A War Simulation in Space! Play it below, or on the greenfoot website.

Description of Simulation

Space Wars is a complex exciting simulation featuring multiple elements for a fast-paced and exciting screenplay of a war fought between Team Red and Team Blue. Each team starts with a Command Centre, 2 factories, and 4 mines. Each Command Centre commands its team and creates people. Workers work in factories and can also build new factories, while miners work in Mines to make money. Factories build ships and can be upgraded to build better ships; mines can be upgraded too.

The war is fought with ships/vehicles. There are 4 different kinds of ships, some more powerful than others and each fighting differently. Most ships shoot bullets, except for the Hyperion, which fires missiles (radius damage).

In the start screen, the user can specify parameters to start (the Viking is a type of ship). The game ends when one team destroys the Command Centre of the other team!

Game Overview


Graphics: Clash of Clans, StarCraft, Clash of Lords, sccpre.cat, pngkey.com, topping.com, Roblox, Gaurav.munjal.us, wallpaperplay.com
Music: Relaxation Ambient Music (AMAZING SPACE TRAVELING), www.gamedevmarket.net (TOP DOWN SHOOTER – 1)